Prior to using Astwood Osteopaths I had been continually disappointed with so called promised results from other practitioners, and found the quality of treatment I have since received from Andrew and his team second to none – proving that with the right professional help bad backs don’t have to be tolerated!

Sam Hawkes, Tanworth in Arden

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998 and have progressively become less able to walk. I have also experienced an increase in the pain and stiffness associated with my condition.

Since being treated regularly by Astwood Osteopaths, my flexibility has improved tremendously, my walking is much better and I am virtually free of pain.

Mrs S B, Studley

I find Astwood Osteopaths to be very knowledgeable, their information and advice is invaluable.  Everything is explained clearly and I feel able to ask as many questions as I like.

Mr A D, Alcester

Upon finding myself expecting our first child I was shocked to start experiencing the painful lower back associated with pregnancy so quickly into my first trimester.

After much searching I was delighted to find Astwood Osteopaths who treated the current and extremely painful situation I was in with almost immediate results and then continued to provide a cost effective, punctual and friendly service throughout my pregnancy.

A must for an expectant mother……..

S E, Bromsgrove

As a business owner I am looking for quick effective treatment.  I prefer to spend my spare time on the golf course and the treatment I had may not have improved my handicap, but I am able to make a full shoulder turn now!

I have already recommended Astwood Osteopaths to one of my suppliers.

Pete the Meat, Butcher, Astwood Bank

I just had to let you know that after my last treatment I was SO much better, I am SO grateful.

My ankle which had been x-rayed, diagnosed as an impingement, ‘physio’d’ and orthotically assessed and no better, was just magic after your treatment, not entirely as new, but so much more mobile and painless. Thanks again for making my life easier.

Mrs S. Redditch

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my many injuries and niggles over the last few months. As you know I have a very physically demanding job which I cannot take time off from as I am self-employed. With your treatment and particularly your advice on the best stretches for me, I have seen huge improvements in my mobility and have suffered much less back pain. Your understanding of my sport is second to none and I have noticed a unique and focused approach to my needs. Thank you so much!

Mrs M. Redditch